Children's Discovery Museum

Come Join All the Fun!

The Children's Discovery Museum offers three floors of hands-on, child-sized, fun. Each room in this historic Victorian-style house offers a new way to explore science-based concepts through a theme. Surprises are around every corner and every square inch of the house offers inviting and welcoming spaces. A child could choose to interact with other children as they work to fill the play train with bags of coal or take a quiet break in the nook under the stairs.

We take great care to ensure that all ages, strengths and learning styles will find something in our museum that engages the imagination. Siblings and friends will discover that through cooperation and some creative rearranging, even more can be revealed and outcomes completely changed. Each room addresses multiple age levels - you’ll find that even our tiniest guests will delight at the murals painted above the changing table.

Children are encouraged to explore concepts in a way that encourages more understanding as well as more questions! Children's Discovery Museums Explorers, wearing the green aprons, are available to help explain the scientific methods behind the play in a way that allows the child to remember the fun feeling that went along with the learning that helps create a life long love of science.

At the Children's Discovery Museum you can:

  • Set off a bell-clanging chain reaction by running balls down ramps
  • Surround yourself with bubble walls
  • Explore the dark
  • Explore the properties of air
  • Set, pull, and reset a lobster trap
  • Be the conductor on a train 
  • And so much more