Dream Green at the Science Discovery Museum

Come learn about green design, energy conservation, sustainability and more...

Coats, mittens, and hats keep us cozy and warm! Like warm clothes, insulation keeps houses warmer with less energy. Explore insulation and heat energy transfer using special thermal imaging cameras.  
  • Try on capes and mittens and see yourself in infrared to discover which fabrics insulate best.
  • Build your own house model with various types of insulation and do an ‘energy survey’ with a thermal imaging camera to see where heat escapes. 
  • Map out your choices for energy conservation at home and register for a free home energy audit.


After the exhibit, check out:

Dream Green at Home - take action and learn more at home! 8 Easy things kids and adults can do to Go Green.
Additional Resources
- read articles on going green, calculate your carbon footprint, and more.

Sponsored by Fluke Corporation, with additional support from the Boston Foundation for Architecture, the Sudbury Foundation, Energy Federation, and Next Step Living. Photos courtesy of Nancy Young © Copyright 2011. Thank you!!