Early Childhood Programs

Children's Programs at The Discovery Museums

More than 200 hands-on math, art, science and music education programs for toddlers and preschoolers are offered at the Children's Discovery Museum each year, free with admission.

Treasured favorites such as Messy Masterpiece: Paint Like Mondrian (or Van Gogh, Duchamp, or Pollock!), Thursday's Tales, Music and Movement with Ms. Carolyn, Build It with DUPLO®, Bessie Needs a Bath, Nature's Paintbrush, Noodling Around and Dinosaur Discoveries are offered on a regular basis.

Fun new programs are introduced all the time, such as Capillary-Action Butterflys, Suncatchers, Mud Pie Diner, Sock Walk, Mixing in Math, Meet a Clown, Dress Up Your Stuffed Pet, Meet an Owl, SMART Gals: Caring for Pets, Meet a Ballerina, Noodle Mania and so many more.


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