Traveling Science Workshops

 A Note about the MA STE Draft Standards:
The draft of the Massachusetts Science, Technology and Engineering curriculum promotes students’ active engagement with the practices of science and engineering. Throughout the draft, students are asked to observe, raise questions, investigate, problem solve, give evidence, and discuss. For 22 years, students have been doing just that in our Traveling Science Workshops with great success and a lot of enjoyment.
All of our topics support the current Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks. Many of our existing topics directly align with the new draft standards as well, and some topics are being modified for an even stronger alignment. In addition, as the state moves towards adoption of the new standards, we will be developing new topics such as Forces, Land Forms, and Light and Shadow. If any of your favorite topics do not seem to fit your current needs, let us know. We may have made changes that will better help you meet requirements or we may be able to introduce you to a “new to you” topic. The Discovery Museums are committed to helping educators provide fun, hands-on science and engineering programs for all of their students.


The Discovery Museums' Traveling Science Workshops bring science to life.

Our Traveling Science Workshops program has been going strong for more than 21 years, served more than 27,000 students last year, and enjoys an 91% loyalty rate.  It is a classroom-based--not auditorium-based--set of 18 hands-on workshops that get students excited about science and help teachers expand their science teaching skills.  Dynamic educators excite curiosity and a passion for science with fun, hands-on discovery.  The program is convenient, affordable and rich with curriculum connections.

See our Traveling Science Workshops in action, and learn why teachers, PTO parents and principals see it as such an important complement to their school's curriculum. And, why students think it makes science fun!

Sparking Discovery in the Classroom from The Discovery Museums on Vimeo.

  The Discovery Museums' Traveling Science Workshops offer:
  • Highly qualified, dynamic science educators
  • Fun, hands-on, minds-on programming that engages all ages, abilities and learning styles
  • Active learning experiences that strengthen problem solving skills, reinforce the scientific method, and encourage a life-long passion for science inquiry
  • Enhancement of curriculum supporting the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks and STEM initiatives
  • Novel, memorable learning moments that teachers and students build upon
  • Connections to real-world applications
  • Affordable price and ease of use
Workshop descriptions and fees.
To book your Traveling Science Worskhop, email Jill Foster.
Our Traveling Science Workshop program recently appeared on Here's a short slideshow of Waltham school children being wowed during our Physical Changes of Matter and Magnets workshops!
"The presentation was perfect pacing and content for my fourth grade class and highlights and enhances our in class unit wonderfully. Thank you!" - Rocks and Minerals, 4th grade, Tyngsborough Elementary, Tyngsborough, MA




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Traveling Science Workshops are generously sponsored by MathWorks,
with additional support from the Biogen Idec Foundation and Foundation for MetroWest.