Especially for Grown Ups

Why Visit The Discovery Museums? 

The Discovery Museums inspire creativity and curiosity while fostering family play. As a parent or caregiver, you may be curious how a visit can be enriching for both you and your child. Explore our website and the resources listed below to discover the many ways The Discovery Museums support children's learning through play.   


The Discovery Museums Speaker Series

Launched in 2012, The Discovery Museums Speaker Series creates engaging conversations around creativity, learning, and the future of science education. We connect our community with leaders in the fields of science, technology, and education to discuss important topics that impact our children, our families, and our world. Join the conversation with these free evening events offered several times per year.  Click here for more information and a list of upcoming events.

The Discovery Museums' YouTube Channel  

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch videos designed to introduce you to The Discovery Museums and share staff and caregiver perspectives on what makes The Discovery Museums such a wonderful destination for families. The Discovery Museums wishes to thank the students from Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) who created these videos.  

Is Play Learning?

Through play children (and adults!) learn about their world and who they are as individuals. Explore this section to discover how The Discovery Museums promotes learning through play.  

Join In The Fun!

You are your child's most important teacher. Explore this section for tips on how to support your child's learning while visiting The Discovery Museums.

Bring The Learning Home!

Visit this section for some fun activities you can do at home using simple, inexpensive materials.



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