School Programs Package Deals

Take advantage of a package deal for 20% savings

What could be better than one Discovery Museum program? Two sensational learning experiences, each available at a 20% savings! Select from the packages outlined below and start saving today!

Package One: A trip to The Discovery Museums and a Traveling Science Workshop, for students in the same or different grades

When shared with one grade, this combination offers both the hands-on exhibits and reflective follow-up experiences that bring the “aha moments” you are after at a great discount. When shared between two grades, each grade has an opportunity to sample one of the Museums school experiences, selecting that experiences that most directly enriches their classroom curriculum. Both grades receive a great rate!

Package Two: A multi-grade field trip

Teachers understand that children often look to and learn from older students.  To take advantage of these young mentors, teachers elect to bring groups of mixed ages to the Museums. Not only does this fill the bus, the engagement of all students is enhanced.

Package Three: Two-museum, two-age group field trip

Does your elementary school serve preschool and elementary age students? You may consider scheduling a preschool visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum and an elementary grade visit to the Science Discovery Museum. Kindergarteners may benefit from both of our exceptional learning environments. Groups can visit on the same or different days!

Call The Discovery Museums and ask for the Package Deal 978-264-4200 ext. 22 or 18.

Families, day care groups, parent and child groups and groups with special needs should feel free to make arrangements for a visit with fewer people. 



Traveling Science Workshops are generously sponsored by MathWorks,
with additional support from Advanced Micro Devices